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Self Portrait


    As an artist I am drawn to many subjects in nature and life that inspire me. My impressions vary from the play of light on a boat in the bay, to patterns and textures of a corn field, to the striking composition of clouds in the sky. One of my main goals is capturing the fleeting effects of sunlight on the world around us.

    My most recent work has been inspired by the local landscape. From Annapolis to Solomons Island to Point Lookout there are so many aspects of Southern Maryland that leave a lasting impression on me.

    My process begins by taking my “studio” out doors, painting en plein air, so that I can experience that which I am humbly trying to recreate on paper. I find that immersing myself in the outdoors somehow liberates my creativity. I paint exclusively with pastels which enable me to produce vibrant and expressive pieces with strong color and a spontaneity.